Active tourism

Gradac riviera has a lot os diverse resources to offer for development of sport and recreational tourism for which Gradac had already developed a tradition. In a place that was best known for fishing, the most popular and the most attractive sport beside swimming is indeed waterpolo. There is a string of waterpolo tournaments, starting with those for cadets and juniors aswell as those for seniors. Basketball tournaments have recently been the new trend.

Marked hill tracks are a challenge for walks while nearby mountain tops are excellent for hiking and free climbing.

One-day and multiple-day trips that offer different types of active tourism are combined with sea miles and with various wine rputes over peninsula Pelješac, islands Hvar and Korčula.

Mountain bike tours

Above Gradac riviera are massive hill slopes where are around twenty kilometers of mountain bike trails that offer exciting and attractive hillside viewpoints over Gradac.


Hill tracks of Biokovo hide unique shapes of natural beauty, historical remains, natural springs and animals, which lead to unforgetable views to the open sea. In addition, this area is rich with various medicinal herbs.

With the instructions of a tour guide, it is a magnificent experience that wont be forgotten any time soon, complemented with geographical and historical heritage of Gradac.


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Power of essential oils are well known to the American Indians of which these techniques derive.


The goal of Raindrop technique is deep detoxification of the body and mind. Treatment effect leads to the maximum relaxation - both psychological and physical. Essential oils penetrate to all cells in the body and stimulate the regeneration of damaged tissues. The largest shifts occur at damages and distortions of the spine. Raindrop Massage is recommended for all diseases of the spine, preventing the occurrence colds and flu, stress, insomnia, nervousness, reduced immunity, chronic fatigue and depression. The results can be stunning! RAIN DROP technique is used in combination with the technique of foot massage VITA FLEX.

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